Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 46 - Too Soon to Ask if We're There Yet?

The Numbers (as of 10/18):

PushupsCrunchesKataSparringJourney (Swim)Journey (Bike)Journey (Run)KindnessJournalVideo
Annual Totals:
Annual Targets:500005000010001000240010005212
Percent of Annual Targets Complete88.04%88.09%36.30%65.20%96.14%89.80%86.54%58.33%

Same, same. Slowly but surely closing the gaps that need closing and keeping up with the rest. I think it will feel really good when a few more numbers spill over into the 90s. 

The Training:

It feels kind of strange to be doing such low mileage, but the shift to weight training is good. It always amazes me that no matter how often you workout, pushing just past that threshold makes you sore. It's a good thing, it means that I can work harder. And that quality matters as much as quantity. Cardio is where my heart is, but strength training needs to be more regular in my routine, it adds a few levels of challenge. 

It was a good week for sparring. There was always someone willing and able to meet early for some extra rounds and what's usually a kata day became a sparring day. I get frustrated sometimes because I just can't get the angling thing down. I think there's been some improvement but it's not consistent. And I don't have that quick movement. At least there will always be lots to work on

Kata... there's a lot of kata happening. I'm not quite maintaining 9 a day the way I'd like to but so far I'm being consistent enough. Just have to keep being "consistent enough" for another 75 days. Soooo close.

Closer to a Goal:

One of my personal goals for the test is to conquer 3 personal fears. Previously, I held a snake. Eew. And recently, on 10/18, I went horseback riding. I had a bad experience horseback riding when I was 10 so am pretty intimidated by horses. I realize that the horse I rode, Walter, looks like a pony in the picture, but I promise he was a full-sized horse :) One more personal fear to conquer, scuba diving. 

The Challenges:

Time management is a lot easier because the 2 hour bike rides aren't necessary anymore. At this point I feel like it's really a mind thing: Staying focused, maintaining a love for kata, not panicking about all the requirements I haven't met yet, not letting burn-out win...

The Levels:

Motivation: Stable...
Next Event: November 16th - Big Sur 1/2 Marathon; December 7th - CIM Relay;
January 9th - Black Belt Test

Discipline: Kata

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